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At Sherimiss, we strongly believe that all national and international migrant workers should be treated fairly in employment terms and are protected in accordance to the standards set out by the International Labour Organization ("ILO").

Subject to your local national restrictions, the aim of our platform is to cover all countries without boundary for all categories of work. We understand that your career proceed as your experiences advances and we stand by you to achieve that very objective. We further hope that all workers may achieve their dreams through their deployment and we can live in a world of peace and harmony.

The benefits of our unique platform include:

  • We are 100% FREE OF CHARGE.
  • We are the Best Rated Platform for Employer/Employee.
  • We host one of the Largest Database of Employers.
  • We are Simple and Easy to Use.
  • State of the Art Real Time Instant Messaging System.
  • Real Time Update of Job Offers.
  • Job Opportunities in Different Countries and Work Categories.
  • Sherimiss acts as a Proof of Previous Employment.
  • Putting You in Control of Your Destiny.
  • and many more........

Everything that we do at Sherimiss, our workers are our Top Priority!

With this aim in mind, we appeal to you to update our database so that good employers are praised and undesirable employers are exposed through our platform's rating system. It is an unique function that we strive to maintain in spite of all pressures and criticisms that we received.

With you together, we hope we can make a World of Difference!!!!

Thank you!

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